How to Play the Game of Life

Life, just like a business, a household, a family, a car, a factory, a city, a country, a planet, a solar system, or a galaxy, is an amalgamation of various systems working in unison.

The better you understand the interconnectivity of those systems, the better equipped you are to enter into them and manipulate the variables at hand.

Most people are not really perceiving these systems at a macro and micro level simultaneously. Their locus of attention is hyper-focused on what’s right in front of them.

I think about “awakening” as the process of opening up to the whole. Zooming out and looking around is the expansion. Reining back in and orienting around the newfound perspective is reintegration.

Life is not linear.

Almost everything is multi-faceted, happening on multiple levels, inter dimensionally.

Even in business.

I recently had a shitty thing happen. I’ll omit the details. But it caught me off guard. It halted a project I’ve been heads-down on the last eight months. Abrupt conclusion. Done.

My first reaction was shock, then confusion, then anger.

But then as the hours passed, and as hours turned into days, my mind started to relax and I began to open up to the broad picture more deeply.

I saw how other variables, other possibilities, could all be playing a part. I also became more aware of tiny clues along the way that I tried to ignore, thinking they were unimportant.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. There’s always things happening on the periphery and outside of our awareness.

All these moving pieces are impossible to predict or to see all at once.

But the recognition that they’re there, that nothing is as straight forward as we initially believe it to be, should be enough to awaken us and inspire us to seek deeper understanding, to consider possibilities outside the spectrum of our limited vantage point.

This process should help absolve us of feelings of unpreparedness and disappointment when things go wrong; it should catalyze our shift into a heightened state of consciousness, as new neural pathways become activated and intuition kicks into high gear.

To become limitless first requires seeing this for what it is: a game. A simulation indistinguishable from reality.

And to realize you can affect the inputs and the outcomes experienced – not randomly or for fun, but as a surgical creator – is the ultimate level-up.

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