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I publish insights for content-led businesses.


Creator economy expert.

I’m a 10-year marketing veteran, creator economy expert, and thought leader. I’m the author of CONTENT CAPITALIST, the definitive guide on modern marketing.

In 2018, off the heels of a powerful spiritual awakening, I founded New Earth Knowledge™, a new age education platform I grew to 60,000 followers before exiting in 2023. From this, I got to coach over 50 solopreneurs and SMBs from around the world, working as a digital nomad in hotspots like Tulum, Costa Rica, and Hawaii.

I have worked with billion-dollar enterprises like Teradata, Publicis, and SAP, playing pivotal roles in four corporate acquisitions, including Emarsys’s $500M sale to SAP.

I hold a BA in Journalism from Butler University and reside in Summerlin, NV. I am a spirituality buff, fitness fanatic, and avid reader.

A new global economy is emerging.

A new era of Gen X and Gen Y entrepreneurs are shaking up the status quo, ushering in a new age of online business. They’re changing the game.

What I write about:

Online entrepreneurship

I’ve started (and failed) a number of online businesses. I share lessons along the way.

Systems thinking

Logic, reasoning, and critical thinking are non-negotiable. See the world in a multi-variate way.

Content marketing

Use consistent dissemination of HQ content to grow audience. Then monetize.

Personal lessons

This website is as much a personal journal for me as a vault of resources for you.

Management & leadership

I’ve worked for three startups (laid off from two), had lots of bad coaches, and a few good.

Divergent thinking

Contrarian, non-conformist agents push the world forth. Think differently.

My resources

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  • Reveals the Content Continuum

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