CONTENT CAPITALIST: How to Create a Content Business So Exclusive Customers Beg to Buy

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The ultimate guide on modern marketing. Ditch the old-school funnel for the upgraded “Content Continuum.” Forget pushy prospecting techniques of the past; today, it’s about pulling audiences into an owned media playground, and using more savvy prospecting strategies that position you as a high-status authority. In 30 comprehensive chapters, Michael gives you the secrets to…

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The antiquated marketing funnel is predicated on pushiness, the hard sell, and false assumptions about how audiences behave in the real world. 

In fact, the notion that marketing happens in a funnel at all is inherently flawed. 

In CONTENT CAPITALIST, creator economy expert Michael Becker presents a radical new model for a new era of online business, one that puts content—not product—at the core. 

Legacy sales and marketing techniques are dead. Top entrepreneurs are taking a more nuanced approach by flipping the script and embracing a pull model. They’re distributing more value to more people than everyone else and turning the tables until their audience is lining up to invest.

From Discovery to Nurturing to Investment, to Enrollment, Ascension and Advocacy, the new way is about using a leveled-access content distribution approach and arbitraging high-leverage lead gen systems before the rest of the market catches up. This is how to win today.

Inside, you’ll also learn how to:

  » Turn social followers into subscribers and group members
  » Integrate neuro-emotional techniques to trigger engagement
  » Use smart growth hacks and AI to drive outsized ROI 
  » Incorporate “high-status sales” processes from intake to meeting to post-call
  » Set up “customer success insurance” to guarantee results (and testimonials)
  » Prepare for a hyper-digitized future of content-led commerce

Also included are exclusive Q&As with John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneurs on Fire), Matt Wallaert (ex-head, behavioral science, Microsoft), Robert Skrob (membership expert), and others.

In a clear but value-packed way only he can deliver, Michael guides you through the Continuum step-by-step, giving you specific tactics to shift into a new paradigm of content-led commerce. The future of capitalism will be collaborative and content-centric. And this is ground zero.

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Paperback, Hardcover, EPUB + PDF

1 review for CONTENT CAPITALIST: How to Create a Content Business So Exclusive Customers Beg to Buy

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    Vash Penn (verified owner)

    Michael Becker’s “Content Capitalist” isn’t just another marketing book—it’s a revelation. “Content Capitalist” is a trailblazing, breath of fresh air in the often stuffy world of marketing. As someone who is in love with sales but has no tolerance for the old “push” marketing method, this book has exemplified to me a different path, proving that the universe truly listens.

    The book’s central thesis—that content is the new currency in the digital age—is both fascinating and timely. But it goes deeper than that; Becker’s insights are incredibly saturating yet revelatory, prompting “aha!” moments throughout. As I read, I found myself consistently thinking, “How did I not know this before?!” It’s a testament to Becker’s ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and engaging way.

    “Content Capitalist” does not simply tick the box of being informative, though (as all marketing books should); it is also incredibly empowering—in a tactile way. Becker provides a roadmap, additional resources, case studies, numerous graphics, and even a course for leveraging the power of content to build a successful business—even when starting from scratch like many of us.

    His approach is deliciously honest, authentic, and comprehensive, eschewing the pushy sales tactics that have given marketing a bad name, and I feel fortunate to have discovered this gem in the vast universe of information. “Content Capitalist” is easily the marketing book of the year, for me. It’s a game-changer, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to set their brands apart through strategic, measurable, magnetic marketing. As a brand engineer, I will be adopting this book as part of the foundational guide to success of every client I work with.

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