Arbitraging Attention with Content

The biggest “hack” to win with content is to arbitrage attention.

The way you do that is by deploying HQ, longer-form content in traditionally short-form locations.

The juxtaposition stops the scroll and catches audiences off guard, compelling them to engage.

Also, recognize that everything is “moving up” and styles are traversing formats.

Chain posts deployed as a Tweet or Thread have replaced what blog articles used to be.

They’re just more condensed and more potent.

Blog posts must now serve as instruction manuals, detailed tutorials, or e-books.

Podcast episodes must pack a punch in the same way pre-recorded cassette tapes did years ago.

YouTube videos have to be as well-edited as a Paramount film.

Livestreams are the modern equivalent of what webinars used to supply when I began my career.

Comment forums, support chatbots, and customer service email threads — spaces dismissed as being relatively negligible ten years ago — are now some of the most high-stakes touch points available to businesses.

Great content is channel-agnostic. It doesn’t matter when, where, or how it’s accessed. All that matters is that it slaps harder than all the noise surrounding it.

The old marketing funnel is dead.

Weird as it might sound, the way to win with content in 2024 is to capture attention where others aren’t by bringing more value in ways the platform of choice wasn’t necessarily built to facilitate.

That’s content-attention arbitrage.

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