The Power of Deliberate Action in Shaping Your Reality

Leave odds and probabilities to the bookies and bettors. You have to take chance out of the equation as much as you can. You determine your reality. You have to believe this. And act like it.

Most people view life as a game of chance, not of conscious creation.

If you over-index, say, in the 95th percentile, on preparedness, resourcefulness, and relentlessness, odds fall to the waist side. If you can push yourself into the 100th percentile, you tilt things in your favor far, far beyond whatever the “average” is.

If you over-index to the maximum extent on these three vertices, which are the three levers impacting manifestation in the world, your chances skyrocket versus the norm.

These are like X factors that can cancel out anything else.

What does this look like, practically?

Preparedness: you study, go over scenarios, and practice reciting responses for five hours for a 20 minute job interview (most people do nothing, or maybe ten minutes)

Resourcefulness: you do 1,000 outreaches when others do 100, you find emails and phone numbers of leads by digging deeper, using every tool at your disposal

Relentlessness: you refuse to stop, to quit, or to go down; you’re willing to take it further than anyone else in your domain, no matter the costs or risks

I’m not saying you can control everything, because you can’t.

But you can control a select few things, like how you strategize, act, and respond.

And it’s those things that have an outsized impact on your outcomes.


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