H1 2024 in Review: 3 Big Trends

And just like that, the first half of 2024 is done.

I swear, I blinked and we’re already halfway through the year.

Did it fly by for you like it did for me?

H1 was a wild ride for me personally, but also in the world.

There are 3 overlapping trends from the first half of 2024 I want to share:

1. Acceleration of AI Adoption

Gen AI venture investments are trending upward like crazy.

We’re witnessing a surge in AI tools for content creation and sales optimization. I wrote about both of these in the book.

It feels like every day there’s a new tool designed to make our lives easier and our businesses more efficient.

At this point, if you’re not using AI on a daily basis, you’re lagging behind.


2. Wi-Fi 7 and 5G-Advanced/6G

Not a huge fan of these incremental updates to connectivity speed as I have personal concerns about the safety in terms of the signals.

But regardless, “connectivity” is getting an upgrade.

Wi-Fi 7 and the advancements in 5G (and even whispers of 6G) are revolutionizing how we transfer data and collaborate in real-time.

Marginally faster, more reliable connections are becoming the norm, making remote work and digital collaboration smoother than ever.

This is good for comms in a remote world.

But it might have other implications elsewhere, down the line.


3. Value-Driven Purchasing

Consumers are getting smarter with their wallets.

They’re seeking out offers, trials, bundles, pay plans, and minimally viable products.

I use Klarna wherever I can, and I have it installed on my store, here, so my customers can split payments.

From a consumer POV, it’s all about maximizing value and minimizing risk.


What’s on My Radar for H2 2024

With all this excitement in the rearview mirror, what can we expect as we barrel into the second half of the year?


1. AI Everywhere

AI isn’t just a tool anymore; it’s the engine driving processes and productivity for most millennial-aged sales and content people like myself.

It seems like the chatter and adoption around AI has shot up exponentially over H1 so I expect this to continue into 2025.


2. Boom in Wellness Tech

Health and wellness are taking center stage. Investments in wearables, wellness apps, and health-focused startups are booming.

And if wellness tech isn’t your thing, consider integrating ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) or eco-friendly initiatives into your offerings.

Gen Z consumers are increasingly eco-conscious and looking for brands that reflect their values.


Customer-Centricity at Its Best

The shift towards value-driven purchasing is here to stay. This means more convenience and flexibility for customers.

Think: customizable subscriptions, more engaging trial periods, and offers that make them feel like they’re getting the best deal possible.


So, that’s it. As we navigate through the rest of 2024, keep these trends in mind.

Whether you’re in tech, wellness, or any other industry, staying ahead of these shifts will keep you competitive and thriving.

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